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Add an extra set of Baseball Classics game dice.  They consists of 1 iconic wooden batter/pitcher die, and 4 six-sided dice (green, red, white, and blue).

Extra Baseball Classics Dice Set

SKU: 260172-456
  • PREMIUM EDITION has dual-sided color-coded vs. Lefty/Righty and vs. Overall player ratings

    STANDARD EDITION has color-coded vs. Overall player ratings with Baseball Classics logo backside



    • St. Louis/Baltimore Browns-Orioles
    • Philadelphia/Kansas City/Oakland Athletics
    • Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Doves-Bees-Braves
    • Chicago White Sox
    • New York/San Francisco Giants
    • Chicago Cubs
    • Chicago White Sox
    • New York Highlanders-Yankees
    • Boston Americans-Red Sox
    • San Diego Padres
    • Washington/Minnesota Twins
    • Pittsburgh Pirates
    • Washington/Texas Rangers
    • Philadelphia Phillies
    • Kansas City Royals
    • Detroit Tigers
    • Cincinnati Reds
    • New York Mets
    • Seattle Mariners
    • Toronto Blue Jays
    • Houston Colt 45s-Astros
    • Milwaukee Pilots-Brewers
    • Montreal/Washington Expos-Nationals
    • Cleveland Blues-Naps-Indians-Guardians
    • Los Angeles/California/Anaheim Angels
    • Brooklyn/Los Angeles Superbas-Robins-Dodgers
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