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Baseball Classics Single Season All-Time All-Stars: Legends of the Diamond


Greatest MLB Player Seasons 1901-Present All 30 Franchises, Every Position - 840 Players Rated Plus Color-Coded Player Cards


Baseball Classics Single Season All-Time All-Stars: Legends of the Diamond offers a compelling journey through the hallowed annals of baseball, celebrating the extraordinary achievements that have shaped the sport's storied history. This comprehensive tome is an essential addition to any baseball aficionado's library, meticulously cataloging the most outstanding single-season performances across all 30 Major League Baseball franchises.This book is a tribute to the players who not only excelled, but also transcended the game.

It is created for enthusiasts who cherish such extraordinary achievements. It is an essential read and a quintessential reference for your baseball library, meticulously chronicling the best single-season performances by position across all 30 Major League Baseball franchises 1901 to present.

The book highlights two players for each infield position, six outfielders, and twelve pitchers from each team, celebrating a range of legends from iconic Hall of Famers to those who blazed brightly in a single, unforgettable season. Intriguingly, some names recur, having delivered top-tier performances for different teams, highlighting the dynamic nature of trades and free agency in baseball's rich history.

Our analysis covers over 23,000 players since 1901, with most playing more than one season, that’s over 62,000 MLB player statistical information in our database we call Diamond Data.  These selected few represent the elite, which calculates to about 1% (840 out of over 62,000 players) spanning more than a century.

Baseball Classics used a secret 5-Tool and Mound formulas to rate and rank all position players and pitchers respectively based on their total impact that season. Inside, you'll find a Baseball Classics color-coded player card loaded with stats including Sabermetrics for all 840 Major League Baseball players who made the All-Time All-Stars list.


Remarkably, 98 players (11.6% of 840) have earned the distinction of having one of the best seasons twice playing on different teams. Even more astounding, 11 players (1.3% of 840) have achieved this feat thrice, leaving us to wonder about the decisions of the owners and GMs who let them go. And in a testament to sheer excellence and adaptability, 1 player (0.0012%) has remarkably been at their peak for four different franchises.  That player is Rogers Hornsby achieving that incredible feat for the 1922 St. Louis Cardinals, 1927 New York Giants, 1928 Boston Braves, and 1929 Chicago Cubs.


Baseball Classics Single Season All-Time All-Stars: Legends of the Diamond is designed for ease of use, with a reader-friendly layout including a table of contents for franchise navigation and an alphabetical index for quick reference. For fans looking to delve deeper, the book extends an invitation to an interactive experience.


Readers are encouraged to visit to engage in the Baseball Classics Single Season All-Time All-Star Game, allowing them to simulate matchups between these legendary teams. Here, you can bring to life the age-old debates about which all-star team truly reigns supreme. Embark on this fascinating journey through baseball's past, immersing yourself in the stories and triumphs of the legends who have become synonymous with excellence in America's favorite pastime.


Special Features:

  • 840 Baseball Classics color-coded next generation player cards for every player
  • All 30 MLB teams with every position rated and ranked
  • Historical overview of each Major League Baseball franchise.
  • Celebrates transformative moments and the players who made them happen.
  • A perfect addition to any baseball library, offering a detailed reference for

Baseball Classics Single Season All-Time All-Stars: Legends of the Diamond Book

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  • Delve into the heart of America's pastime with "All-Time All-Stars: Legends of the Diamond." This comprehensive and meticulously crafted book from Baseball Classics is an essential read for every baseball enthusiast, historian, and fan. It offers a fascinating journey through the annals of Major League Baseball, starting from its early days in 1901 to the present era.


    Key Features:

    • In-Depth Coverage: Chronicles the most remarkable single-season performances across all 30 Major League Baseball franchises.
    • Extensive Player Profiles: Features 840 players, including 2 players for each infield position, 6 outfielders, and 12 pitchers per team, highlighting their legendary single-season achievements.
    • Hall of Fame Highlights: Explore the careers of icons like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and newer legends such as Ken Griffey Jr. and Derek Jeter.
    • Unique Layout: User-friendly design with a detailed Table of Contents and an alphabetical index for quick navigation.


    This book is a tribute to the legends who have shaped the game of baseball. From epoch-defining players like Ty Cobb and Hank Aaron to those who shone brilliantly in a single season, this compilation spans the spectrum of baseball heroes. It uncovers how these players' exceptional single-season performances not only elevated their teams but often led them to championship glory.

    Each chapter of "All-Time All-Stars: Legends of the Diamond" focuses on a Major League Baseball franchise, revealing the top players who have donned their uniforms. The book also sheds light on some lesser-known heroes who made it to this elite list with their extraordinary single-season performances.

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