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This All-Time All-Star game includes Hall of Famers, MVPs, Cy Young winners, All-Stars, Batting Champions, Record-Setters, and some of the most memorable players from different eras, each having had remarkable individual seasons that significantly contributed to the team's history.

Each remarkable team is represented by 16 position players consisting of at least 2 catchers, first basemen, second basemen, third basemen, shortstops, and 6 outfielders plus 12 pitchers.


  1. Arizona Diamondbacks
  2. Boston Americans-Red Sox
  3. Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Doves-Bees-Braves
  4. Brooklyn/Los Angeles Superbas-Robins-Dodgers
  5. Chicago Cubs
  6. Chicago White Sox
  7. Cincinnati Reds
  8. Colorado Rockies
  9. Cleveland Blues-Naps-Indians-Guardians
  10. Detroit Tigers
  11. Florida/Miami Marlins
  12. Houston Colt .45s-Astros
  13. Kansas City Royals
  14. Los Angeles/California/Anaheim Angels
  15. Montreal/Washington Expos-Nationals
  16. New York Highlanders-Yankees
  17. New York Mets
  18. New York/San Francisco Giants
  19. Philadelphia/Kansas City/Oakland Athletics
  20. Philadelphia Phillies
  21. Pittsburgh Pirates
  22. San Diego Padres
  23. Seattle Mariners
  24. Seattle/Milwaukee Pilots-Brewers
  25. St. Louis/Baltimore Browns-Orioles
  26. St. Louis Cardinals
  27. Tampa Bay Devil Rays-Rays
  28. Toronto Blue Jays
  29. Washington/Minnesota Senators-Twins
  30. Washington/Texas Senators-Rangers

All-Time All-Star Greats Teams

SKU: 132591-973
  • STANDARD EDITION frontside has color-coded player ratings vs. Overall plus 21 statistical categories on batter cards and 21 statistical categories on pitcher cards. The backside has Baseball Classics full color playing card logo. Team rosters contain up to 24 players (15 position players, 9 pitchers). Each full player card is easy on the eyes and size at 3 1/2" X 5".

    • Game play is fast and furious with real-time action, including base stealing, weather factors, double plays, hit-and-runs, and more
    • 3 game play levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced for ages 8 to adult
    • Play solo or against an opponent managing each team, use Real-Time GM Advisor to help making strategic decisions such as who to start in the lineup, who to pitch in the game, and when to make substitutions
    • Optionally play using Real-Time Pitching with foul balls, balls, swinging strikes, called strikes, or when contact is made and the ball is put into play
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